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I’m Louise and welcome to LouiseMillen.com. I’m so glad you’re here and excited to let you get to know me a little better!

When started in 2017 as an online diary about culture and growing up in Africa has evolved into a space that allows me to share trend fashion, a love of home, healthy recipes, and topics that are meaningful to me. My greatest hope is that my platform encourages and inspires you in some way.

When I’m not sharing my everyday life with you, you can find me spending time with my best friend and husband, Alex and our two beautiful kids. We also have two furry babies, a golden doodle and an Egyptian Mau cat. Being a mom has been God’s greatest gift to me and I feel so blessed that he gave me Zyanya and Alexander.

What we did

Divi built, SSL, caching, optimization, major browsers/platform compatibility, WP GUI CMS, cookies, sitemap, etc.


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